"   Read some Proust today. Notice the shape of leaves. Watch them in their arguments again wind currents. Fall in love with ancient masters you will never meet. Refuse to worship Hemingway while enjoying his vibe. Stand up straight. Ignore the voice in your head telling you your life is pointless. You aren’t a point anyway. You are a Being and have magnificent potential. Never regret a love and never pass by an insult without laughing your ass off. Answer the insulter in French with cockiness.   "
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Just by historical trend most people will not become artists. But the reason has more to do with self-conception than lack of talent. Tarantino lived with his mother, worked in a video store, and dressed like a broke hipster. He saw himself differently regardless.

"   Stop singing
your heart out
to strange men whose lips can kiss love in multiple tongues
but tremble,
every time you ask them to spell loyalty.   "

Neha Ray

Letters to my Sisters

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